Price List

Standard Pod

Starting at $9,000 (CDN)

Sleeps 2 adults & 2 young children (max.) 

*Standard Features

Dimensions  Outside Dimensions  Inside
Width: 2.56m (8ft 5in) Width: 2.32m (7ft 11in)
Length: 3.94m (12ft 3in) Length: 2.70m (9ft)
Height: 2.45m (8ft) Height: 2.1m (7ft)
Weight: Approx. 2,800lbs

*Front deck extends an additional 4’ feet

Family Pod

40% bigger by volume (sleeps up to 5 adults)

Starting at $10,000 (CDN)

*Standard Features

Dimensions Outside Dimensions  Inside
Width: 2.83m (9ft 3in) Width: 2.66m (8ft 8in)
Length: 4.77m (16ft 3in) Length: 3.52m (11ft 6in)
Height: 2.70m (8ft 10in) Height: 2.2m (7ft 2in)
Weight: approx. 3,000 lbs

*Front deck extends an additional 4’ feet

Standard Features

  • Custom constructed with top quality Eastern white pine outside/inside
  • Front deck; pressure treated materials.
  • Stained inside/outside with Sikkens© stain
  • Laminated 2 tone brown double layer shingles
  • Insulated on 2 ends; reflective insulation in roof structure
  • Wooden French door in front (lockable, thermal glass)
  • Window in rear (thermal glass), with screen
  • Small shelf inside on front left wall (x1) (optional)
  • High quality wood-like laminate flooring with thermal underlay
  • Post-installation marketing and tourist association involvement (Ontario customers), where applicable
    *Be sure to check your local regulations to ensure compliance.
2” thermal foam insulation under floor $500
Electrical as quoted
Decra© Steel roofing $1,000
Mirage© Screen Door $400


Terms – 50% down with order, 25% one week before delivery, 25% on delivery
Site preparation & delivery charges may apply (as quoted); HST (13%) extra

NOTE – Above pricing applies to Ontario only and may differ slightly in other regions.  Please contact us for a customized quotation

*Be sure to check your local regulations to ensure compliance.

The Pod ™ design enjoys worldwide copyright and is UK registered design 4 001 582 ™ is a trademark of the Algonquin Pod Company

*Suppliers or materials noted may be substituted or changed without notice.


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